Rassegna stampa Nord Africa e Medio Oriente – 3 febbraio 2020

3 feb. – Ogni lunedì alle 11.30 su Radio Città del Capo va in onda la rassegna stampa dal e sul Nord Africa e Medio Oriente. La rassegna di questa settimana è stata curata da Massimiliano Trentin dell’Università di Bologna.

      Rassegna araba - 3 febbraio 2020

Articoli citati:

Trump’s Middle East plan may have a silver lining

The ‘deal of the century’ or the ‘bluff of the millennium’?

“The nation in the face of the deal”
“Why did America and (Israel) belittle the Palestinians to that extent?”

“This Deal is the product of the regional situation”
هذه «الصفقة» نتاج لأحوال المنطقة
“The Deal of the Century and the contained Arab rejection”
صفقة القرن والرفض العربي المنضبط
“Cairo decides to keep silent: the interests with Tel Aviv and Washington are extensive”
القاهرة تقرّر الصمت: المصالح مع تل أبيب وواشنطن كبيرة
“Iran has promised Al-Sadr military power and privilege at [religious] Authority after Sistani’s death”
إيران تَعد الصدر بسلطة سياسية وحظوة في المرجعية بعد وفاة السيستاني
The Story of Idlib’s ‘Ceasefires’ Is the Story of Syria’s War
Army Liberates Maarat al-Nu’man, 28 Villages and Towns in Idleb Southern Countryside, Army Command Says
Who Are the “Cadres” That Control Northeastern Syria?
Iranian Police Role in Repressing Syrian Protesters in 2011 Revealed
Mohammad Allawi: Who is Iraq’s new prime minister-designate?


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