“C’era una volta l’America”. Rassegna stampa dagli Usa – 7 febbraio 2018


Donald Trump in una foto di Azi Paybarah CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

7 feb. – Ogni mercoledì alle 8.40 sulle frequenze di Radio Città del Capo va in onda “C’era una volta l’America“, la rassegna stampa sugli Stati Uniti a cura del network degli ex alunni del Cispea, il Centro Interuniversitario di Storia e Politica Euro-Americana. La rassegna di questa settimana è a cura di Emanuele Monaco dell’Università di Bologna.

      Rassegna Usa - 7 febbraio 2018


Articoli citati in rassegna:

Micheal Shear, Mark Landler, Nicholas Fandos, Charlie Savage  – Nunes Memo, Updates
James Hohmann – The Daily 202: More memos are coming. Here are six questions about ‘Phase Two’ of the Nunes investigation
Heather Long – Why the stock market plunged
Jon Sindreu, Mike Bird – What Was Really Behind the Stock Market Selloff?
Binyamin Appelbaum – Powell Becoming Fed Chief as Economy Starts to Show Strain
Robert Samuelson – Who created today’s strong economy? Janet Yellen
Gillian White – 4 Women Economists Reflect on What It’s Meant to Have a Woman Leader at the Fed
Binyamin Appelbaum – As Economy Strengthens, Fed Ponders New Approach
Robert Samuelson – Does the Fed need a new playbook?
Martin Feldstein – New Priorities for a New Fed Regime
Andrew Restuccia, Sarah Ferris And Helena Bottemiller Evich – Behind Trump’s plan to target the federal safety net
Sarah Jaffe – How the Media Is Abetting the GOP’s War on “Welfare”
Vann Newkirk – The Real Lessons From Bill Clinton’s Welfare Reform
Robert Pear – Trump Gives Health Workers New Religious Liberty Protections
Stephanie Russell Kraft – How Religious Health Care Hurts Women of Color
Olga Khazan – Trump’s HHS Rule Allows Religious Doctors to Refuse Care
Dan Diamond – The religious activists on the rise inside Trump’s health department
Adam Liptak – Justices Won’t Block Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Decision
Kevin Jennings – What the 1920 Wall Street bombing tells us about modern immigration scare tactics
Jeet Heer – The Lively Irrelevance of Conservative Magazines
Peter Beinart – Is Trump Preparing for War With North Korea


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