“C’era una volta l’America”. Rassegna stampa dagli Usa – 29 novembre 2018

Detroit, sede della General Motors – foto flickrCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

29 nov.- Ogni giovedì dalle 8 alle 8.15 sulle frequenze di Radio Città del Capo va in onda “C’era una volta l’America”, la rassegna stampa sugli Stati Uniti a cura del network degli ex alunni del Cispea, il Centro Interuniversitario di Storia e Politica Euro-Americana. La rassegna di questa settimana è a cura di Lorenzo Carchini.


      Rassegna Usa - 29 novembre 2018



I link per approfondire:

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Mueller says Manafort lied after pleading guilty, should be sentenced immediately, Washington Post, 26/11/2018 

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General Motors chiude alcuni stabilimenti in Nord America

General Motors to Stop Production and Cut Thousands of Jobs, New York Times, 26/11/2018

At a Canadian G.M. factory set to close after a century, workers expressed pain and a sense of betrayal, New York Times, 26/11/2018

GM layoffs, shutdowns suggest U.S. economy may be slowing — and dent Trump’s claim of an industrial renaissance, Washington Post, 26/11/2018

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Immigrazione: Confine messicano

Azam Ahmed & Elisabeth Malkin, Mexico’s New Leader Faces Clash With Trump Over Migrants, New York Times, 26/11/2018

Jugal K. Patel & Troy Griggs, Three Places Where Migrants Tried to Cross the Border, New York Times, 26/11/2018 

‘Nobody’s coming into our country’: More clashes and shutdowns expected at border, Washington Post, 26/11/2018 

Kirstjen Nielsen claims women and children were ‘human shields’ in tear gas attack at border, Washington Post, 27/11/2018

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Dara Lind, How a march at the US-Mexico border descended into tear gas and chaos, Vox.com, 26/11/2018 


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